Break time.
Almost done. 1 of 100
Finished an older sketch. Going to be putting together a new zine with sketches and rejected ideas from some future shows
Awesome stippled rose by the one and only @don_laing that I got last night. hurt like hell with all the stipple but it was well worth the pain for the badassery. I’ll post a better picture once it’s healed and I have someone to take it for me, this was kinda hard to take myself. Anyway can’t wait to add a portrait next. Go follow @don_laing for some amazing tattoos
With the day coming to a close, I just wanted express how much I love this girl I have the privilege of calling my girlfriend.  @schotbot is AMAZING in an effort to search for something to get me of my favorite pokemon Flaaffy, she decided to learn how to crochet a flaaffy for me, and she’s incredible! Look at it, her new hobby and she’s already so great. I’m so happy she found something creative that she’s now passionate about. Then she made this story of our lives together in this book! Such amazing and heartfelt gifts. I’m so lucky to be with this beautiful woman. Today has been perfect spending it at Disneyland after not being able to visit for a while. Excited to be back again in the morning with her parents. One year down and many more to go. I luhj you
Over nights start today. I don’t want to go to sleep all I want to do is paint. 

100 works on paper. Let’s get into this
Day 6. Favorite sixth gen easily is hawlucha.  I love fighting type and this design just makes sense. A flying fighting type that’s a luchador. Greatness!