New piece that’s going to be in a shoe next month at @chicagotruborn thanks to @sillyswizzle for getting me into this.  Everyone had to do work on a 45. So here’s my mask entitled BLACK MAGIC WOMAN
so i made my own pokemon daily draw challenge. a few friends and i are going to participate in it. i actually made 3 challenge template things. im going to do this RED one starting august 1st. if you decide to do this as well. hashtag your drawings #marquazpkmnchallenge so we can all see whats being made. i hope to see some of you joining in
pokemon drawing challenges

im looking up some. i think im going to start one for august. fun practice right? plus ill have something to do on my lunch

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Brain damage 
Oil on canvas
My second tribute to pink Floyd piece that was up at the Santa Fe springs art fest

Nearly 500 notes. That’s crazy!!! Thank you all
Taking my time on this one.
Working. Listening to pink Floyd
#Tryingtostaymotivated #getoutoftherut #wasboredforhours #gottapaint #artshow